Totals with Munin

If you are addicted to graphs, like me, you will like this one. You will be able to generate the following graph:

It combines the bandwidth statistics of the given servers, and creates a awesome graph for it.

Put the following code below your host-tree:

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bandwidth.graph_title Total Bandwidth of all servers in MB/s
  bandwidth.totalup.sum [server1]:if_eth0.up [server2]:if_eth0.up [server3]:if_eth0.up [server4]:if_eth0.up
  bandwidth.totalup.label Total up bandwidth usage of all servers
  bandwidth.totaldown.sum [server1]:if_eth0.down [server2]:if_eth0.down [server3]:if_eth0.down [server4]:if_eth0.down
  bandwidth.totaldown.label Total down bandwidth usage of all servers

Replace [server1] – [server4] with your server names, use the server names that you used in your host tree.

Basically it generate 2 lines, upload and download, and uses the “sum” function to get the total of all servers combined,

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