Using Spotify on your OUYA in landscape

Soooo… You just got your new OUYA, but you’re missing music?

You can use this tutorial to understand how to sideload apps:

  1. In step 6 use
  2. In step 15, use “*-v*.apk”.In which the asterix is the version numbering.
  3. Stop at step 23, and just launch Spotify.

Notice: I made this special download because the version on is outdated, and looks horrible on your OUYA.

Here are some previews of Spotify running on my OUYA:





Home with sidebar

Home with sidebar

Have fun!

Update: The login screen is in portrait mode, once you are logged in, you will have landscape.

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2 Responses to Using Spotify on your OUYA in landscape

  1. solong says:

    for some reason i still see portrait mode with ur apk. any idea why? i had spotify from their website earlier. but uninstalled it before installin this…

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